Which Type Of Boots Are Ideal For Women With Curvy Body

Boots are a smart choice for people who are looking for an all-season outfit. Boots creates a style statement for a person. They are an ideal accessory to indulge in various forms of activities such as walking, running, skipping, jumping, and dancing.

Body shape plays an important role when it comes to choosing a boot. There are boots, on wearing which you can look tall or short, curvy or thin. So, understanding your body shape and selecting the right size of the boot is the best way. There is a special type of boot for women with curvy body shape.


There are different styles of boots such as ankle boot, knee high boot, Chelsea boot, over the knee boot, riding boot, etc. Selecting the wide calf boot make you look fabulous on curvy legs. It is required to measure the width of your calf.

You should go for boots with flexible materials like elastic panel, leather, or a zip-up boot. Investing on boots that require you to pull on will not be a good idea. To infuse a trendy look to your boots, you can go for features such as buckles, laces, etc. to get an extra stretch to adapt them to your body shape.

How to measure calf circumference

To measure your calf circumference, you need to sit comfortably in a chair. Bend your legs such they are perpendicular to the seat. Now, with the help of an inch tape measure around the calf region that is widest. You need to take the measurements of calves of both the legs. Consider the larger one to select the boot. Boots are available in several designs and styles, check out this collection of Wide Calf.

Height of the heel

On choosing a boot with few inches of heel height lengthens your body shape instantly. For women with a curvy body, would find wedges or chunky stacked heels easy to wear and gives an appearance of longer legs effortlessly. To make the appearance more appealing, you can choose to wear them with trousers or tights in a matching color.


Ankle boots are popular among women as they can be worn with women of any body shape. They look extremely appealing and appropriate for all body shapes. Curvy ladies should be for shoe boots that have a little lower cut and displays the slimmest part of the leg.

Another more suitable option is a knee-high and over-the- knee style of boots. Don’t go for those boots that hit the middle region of the calf as such boots provide a widening effect on  your lower leg.

Shape of the toe

Boots that have rounded toe are best for curvy women. They are the most comfortable and offer maximum room space to your legs. Boot styles with laces and straps, open toe and peep toes break up the depth of your larger foot and make your legs look lean, long and gorgeous.

Be it an outfit or boots, it becomes very important to invest in a style that looks not only stunning but also fits perfectly.

Post Author: Carter Malcolm