TOP 10 Places in Paris that You Could Miss during Your Last Trip

The high class is coming to Paris to stay in Ritz Hotel, where Coco Chanel lived. The Ritz was named the last stage to paradise. Have you ever been to Paris? What a great pleasure to find the hidden interesting places in the city that can help to learn it all around.


Promenade Plantee Park

Welcome to Promenade Plantee! There is a kingdom of greenery that spreads out from the Bastille to the territorial road of Paris. This original park was built on the place of railway road in 1993. The legend says that this green boulevard was constructed to be inspired of Semiramidas Gardens Myth.

The one part of the park looks like brad alley. The second is called the Arts Gallery. It is situated over the ground on a special construction. You can see panoramic views and variety of modern and ancient buildings here.

La Defense Arc

La Defense is super modern district in the suburbs of Paris. It is considered to be the biggest business center of Europe. It is called Paris Manhattan. The roads, railway roads and subway are hidden deep under the ground. La Grande Arche de la Defense is a modern variant of the popular Triumphal Arc. This cube construction contains commercial offices, museums, restaurants, and observation point.

Aux Trois Maillet Cabaret

This is a merry cabaret with rich history. The legendary music stars worked there. This is living music, friendly atmosphere. You can sing and dance the whole night. The guests can dance just on the table. You have to pay for entrance, but the performance is worth seeing. If you want to spend the marry day and night in Paris, pay attention to this place, full of pianos, artists, friendly public.

Seine River Breakfast

You should wake up early in the morning to have dinner. This is your chance to have romantic breakfast – the beautiful day. It is enough to drink coffee with croissants, enjoying the river landscapes. The architecture is amazing. You boat is equipped with special tent. The rain cannot stop you from boating. The hour of such a pleasure costs 39 EUR. You can order a boat by phone, or in the web.


Bois de Vincennes

If you like nature, you will like the green admiring landscapes of the forest. This is a real paradise. This is a huge park – the biggest green area in Paris. There was a popular hunting place for all French monarchs. The territory is planned in the style of true English park with the number of lakes, channels, fountains, bridges, and restaurants. Besides, you can visit Zoo, Tropical and Botanic Garden, Buddhist pagoda. You may rent a boat.

Carnavalet Museum

This is considered to be the true Paris museum – the historical city museum. By the way, the entrance is free. Carnavalet is situated in the ancient villa, built in the 16th century. The house is decorated with columns, gardens, statues and sculptures. As you know, the city was rebuilt in 1866. It was decided to make a museum to speak about the old Paris. The building contains more than 100 halls. You can find original masterpieces, Paris landscapes, and prominent people.

Museum of Magic and Wonders

The museum was opened in 1993. It is situated in the building of the 16th century – Marquis de Sade’s villa. The founder is Georges Proust -attributes. It is worth saying that the top position was taken by Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin – the first prominent magician.

The museum is full of different items and equipment for doing magic: magic box, flying man, magic stick, mirrors, and other exhibits. There is a space for ancient magic items – 17th-18th centuries. There is also a world of modern magic. You can try the green labyrinth, or buy souvenirs for your friends in the special magic shop. The average price to enter the museum is 8 EUR. Oh, you will never miss the magic performance that is usually takes place every 30 minutes. You will be impressed!


Citroen Park

The park is situated on the left bank of Siena in Paris. This is the only one park in the city, going straight to the river. The park was constructed on the place of automobile factory Citroen. So, it was named after the company’s owner – Andre Citroen. There is a big lawn in the center of the park. It is crossed by a long straight road that is 630 meters long. The territory is full of exotic plants, 120 dancing fountains, 6 thematic gardens, moving gardens, wild plants.

The most amazing thing here is floating up in the sky (150 meters high), using one of many huge balloons. Never miss your chance to admire the city view from high. The balloon is decorated with the special flag, changing color according to atmosphere conditions. If the air is clean, the flag is green. Otherwise, it is red.

La Pagode

According to people’s opinion, La Pagode is the architectural fairy of Paris. This exotic construction is really unexpected to see in the quiet region among the Ottoman-style buildings. The antic Japanese Pagode was built in 1896 by Morin as a present to his wife. La Pagode is the center of independent movie industry in Paris. You can see the original films in their original versions. Planning to visit this historical place, it is recommended to come much earlier to enjoy the cup of tea in the garden.


Finally, there is one more interesting place in Paris that is traditionally worth visiting. This is not the magnific cafe or restaurant, but Laduree – confectionary house. It is better to rent car in Paris to reach any city place and street you want. The rental car services are situated all over the city in plenty, including airport and central railway stations. Thus, it is time to make a try French present for your friends – des macarons. These are the sweet memories about Paris style and romanticism. Enjoy the world and cup of coffee!

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