The Big Benefits of Using Virtual Offices for Your Thailand Expansion

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, Thailand is now one of the most popular gateways for the Asian market. While China may get all of the headlines, in this majestic corner of the world, it is much easier and faster for foreign investors to set up shop. New companies can be registered in a matter of days and the government has lowered corporate tax rates, in a bid to encourage more investment.

So, this is a fertile place for young and flexible enterprises, particularly if they have big ambitions of expanding further into Asia. One of the simplest ways to start this journey is with the use of high-quality virtual office facilities. They allow individual entrepreneurs and remote teams to operate in a way that is agile, affordable, and extremely effective.

This guide to the biggest benefits of using virtual offices will give you some advice on how to keep your Thai expansion on the right track.

Smaller, More Manageable Risks

Virtual office solutions, like the ones provided by Servcorp in Thailand, are a great choice for younger companies, because they don’t come with any costly or permanent overheads. By operating out of a ‘pay as you go’ facility, it is possible to keep funds free for growth and development. This is a vital part of those early years. You really don’t want to tie your capital up in logistics and crippling rental rates, right at the point when you need to be changing, adapting, and building.

Establishing a permanent, conventional office is a very expensive process. Everything from lighting to heating, furniture, broadband, telephone lines, receptionist services, car parking spaces, and more must all be bought and paid for on an individual basis. However, in a virtual office, these assets are included as part of a package that is instantly accessible and always ready for use.

A Flexible Workforce

If you’re a young business, working with narrow profit margins, and you’re trying to infiltrate a brand new market, flexibility is key. The thing about corporate expansions is that you can do all of the planning in the world. When it comes to it, though, the final outcome is never certain. If you can’t adapt quickly to change or unexpected market events, your business won’t survive.

The big benefit of having a remote workforce or team is that you can cut your expenses right back if necessary. By allowing employees to operate from home or out of a virtual location, you are saving on heating, lighting, food, air conditioning, and furniture costs. If you were to send a team to Thailand to oversee an expansion, for example, a virtual office would enable the ‘delegates’ to be fully connected and ready to go right from the outset.

Strong Standing Within the Community

Traditionally, one of the biggest obstacles for expanding companies has been credibility. When you’re new to a market, it can be tough to get investors and clients to pay attention. You’ve got to convince them that you’re efficient, valuable, and the superior choice among all your rivals. The problem is that the trappings of status – a fancy office, in a high profile location – can be extremely expensive.

That is unless you work from a virtual office facility. These fully equipped offices are usually situated in prestigious corporate locations. As they are accessed on a ‘pay as you use’ basis, the only person in control of the fees is you. You can increase or decrease the amount of services that you pay for by simply opting for the services that are most useful to you.

How to Find a Great Virtual Office in Thailand

There are a number of eminent virtual office facilities across Thailand. These easy to use suites offer everything that a business needs to operate efficiently – high-speed internet, receptionists, IT support, comfy furniture, physical mailboxes, quality software, and more. It is a good idea to take a tour of your chosen location before you make any decisions. All good virtual providers are happy to show prospective users around their co-working spaces.

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