The benefits of getting an External Company for your Transcripts

Every day, more companies realize the benefits of hiring an external company for their transcriptions. You can get the benefits too. Competitiveness worldwide has raised high-quality options at acceptable prices. The benefits are weighted against the limitations and benefits are winning for most.

The following are just some of the benefits of getting an external company for your transcripts.

  • Using external companies for transcriptions saves energy, time and money.
  • The experts know, and there is no need to get an expert inside the enterprise when it can be outsourced. Therefore, the company can better focus on its core business.
  • The main benefits of hiring an external company vs. managing people in-house include:
    • To control fewer people (reduced headcount).
    • Reducing recruiting and hiring costs.
    • Less paperwork derived from HR management.
    • Less training needs.
    • No hardware, software, and officespace needed.
    • No benefits obligations for full-time employees on transcribers’ roles.Image result for The benefits of getting an External Company for your Transcripts
  • The transcription service is on-demand. You only pay for the work you ordered whenever you need it.
  • It is easier to get more or less workload without the need of increasing headcount.
  • At times, companies use unqualified personnel for transcriptions (like secretaries or other staff), and the quality is low. Quality and accuracy are ensured by using a full-time transcriptionist.
  • Rates are now affordable, and there are options for any budget.
  • Delivery time can be as quick as on the same day. However, you might have to pay extra for faster and warrantied times.
  • Professional companies do accurate translations.
  • You get the transcript in a standard format with all the information at hand.

These were the benefits unique to your company. However, there are other more general positive points you must keep in mind:

  • The sorts of skills needed to do a quality transcript are better developed by specialized agencies. They are constantly doing transcriptions for many clients and proficient at what they do. Therefore, quality will be superior to what any employee your company can get.
  • Each company knows how to handle their business better than anyone. Outsourcing transcripts allows you to focus on what you do best: your core business.
  • The IT department will free resources from transcriptionists. They won’t need to add new infrastructure when the workload increases. This includes hardware, software, network, maintenance, and support.
  • When hiring a transcription service, the company’s human resources will be released to other core activities.
  • Recruit for your core business, not for side jobs like doing transcriptions.

In conclusion, even when a transcriptionist gets well paid for his transcript service, it is much more viable regarding costs than to get a dedicated staff member to do the transcript. Quality will also be superior, adding benefits to get an external company to do the job.

Post Author: Carter Malcolm