Rich Dad Poor Dad – An Eye Opener

I hate reading books and I do it very rarely. I would like to go with the comments provided by my friends and only if they make sure that the book is worth reading, I will go ahead with that book. One fine day, my uncle returned from his foreign trip and presented me with this book. Initially, I had no idea about this book and I was bit reluctant to start reading it. However, I should say that Rich Dad Poor Dad book has been the real eye opener in my life. Every individual would get some special occasions which would turn out their life. This book provided me with golden opportunities and since then I had no looking back at my life.

My experience:

I was a mediocre student with no extra efforts and no knowledge about finance. I read this book during the second year of my college. The book had great information on financial aspects. It explained the concepts of financial management through its rat race concepts. I seriously thought I was held up in the rat race and wanted to come out of it to live a peaceful life. From then, I never slept and had any food until I completed the book completely.Image result for Rich Dad Poor Dad – An Eye Opener

Financial Aspects:

The book very well explained about the concepts and importance of having a part time business through which we can have passive income. This income will be highly beneficial and the business would require just initial level efforts after which the results would start pouring. Even if the individual stops working, the income would not stop and he can start leading a peaceful life even after that. There are lots of business ideas to be picked up from this book and I strongly recommend this book for the individuals who would love to improve their financial status.

Passive Income:

It is always good to have passive income. This will generate surplus cash through which you can redefine your life moments. Let it be any kind of business or work, it is very important to put sincere efforts. Have this in your mind and be open to any kind of ideas while reading this book. The author has clearly explained about all the concepts. He has also written several other books and there is in fact a series of books published.

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