Phosphatidylserines: Its safety And Side Effects on Blood Pressure

In this highly competitive and fast-paced time, one thing we all face: forgetting things at some point. And one need not be greying in the sides to show this activity so common! So, memory enhancement is something everyone is going on, in many ways with age as no bar to so. Phosphatidylserines are one of the known and popular form of substances to be used by people. They are a sort of amino acid compound that is naturally found in the brain. This fat-soluble compound is responsible for the general cognitive functioning of the brain. It is known to be found in much great quantities in fishes and popular to the belief is known to enable one’s memory remarkably, especially in elders.Image result for Phosphatidylserine: Its safety And Side Effects on Blood Pressure

Phosphatidylserine a compound called choline that is a pre-cursor to acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is notable to be the neurochemical that is vital in regulating mental functions, memory and the brain neuroplasticity i.e. the ability of the brain to modify itself – its structure and function as required. Phosphatidylserines are also known to help reduce the stress levels as they lower the cortisol levels in the brain.

There are many advantages of using a Phosphatidylserines supplement though it is found that food items like cabbage and soy has plenty of it in them. Again, it is not a very practical idea to be able to consume food products like these regularly, hence the supplement. The most immediate effect of consuming Phosphatidylserines is that there is an increased flow of blood to the brain as one feels energetic and refreshed immediately. Since this chemical is already naturally an occupant in the body, the body actually welcomes it and immediately responds to its presence in a positive manner. The fact that one feels an instant welcoming effect on the memory, a quick response to stimulus, and a markedly fast recall of things itself speaks of its favourable usage. They are actually prescribed for many neurological disorders form depression to something as major as Alzheimer’s Disease and even dementia. In terms of its safety, apart from the fact that it merges in the body like one of its own, no serious or worthwhile side effects have been noticed, when taken in a limit between 100-300 mg. It is known to be non-toxic and easily tolerated by most of the users and thus can easily be a part of one’s daily consumption.

There is one glitch in the usage of Phosphatidylserines. It might affect blood pressure. The ones with High Blood Pressure who intend consuming this drug and especially the ones who are on the drug called Heparin. Here Phosphatidylserines may prove to be an obstruction, as it would cause an impediment in healthy blood clotting. So, the ones with a High BP condition need to first consult their respective doctors and then follow the instructions as per the consultation.

So, take that pill, if you are not on blood thinning drugs, without a glitch and see the Phosphatidylserines magic take you on a new high, with a refreshed smile!

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