Little Helpers for Kegel Exercises

Age and hard work have a way of catching up with us all and in the strangest of ways. No female hears when they are in their twenties that they need to exercise their kegel muscles, and many have no idea what that even means. The truth of the matter is that a woman’s pelvic floor loses muscle tone. The reasons can range from childbirth to the career of any given female. But there are ways to strengthen and regain control of the important muscle group.  These different muscles are what control urine flow and sexual pleasure, requiring their own, special upkeep.

Kegel exercises trends and advice have been gaining in popularity in the last decade. There are particular gurus in kegel that lay out regimens that include doing a set of twenty internal clenches and release to repeat in twenty minutes. Busy days do not make for the time that keeping up with the workout routine, requires. That is not to say that doing them consciously and unconsciously are not a good practice. All exercise, whether kegel, arm or leg, is good exercise. However, as technology grows in new areas, the ability to toughen and restore a young pelvic floor has broadened in variety.


You can buy a kegel exerciser online these days. They are readily available, as well as easy to use, clean, and keep discrete. Though, in severe cases where a gynecologist gets involved, they may prescribe what is called a vaginal cone to assist with incontinence and poor bladder function by using weights inside of the vaginal walls to help with the problem areas. However, that is rarely the case. Instead, companies are catching up to trend and the need for a little extra help in tightening the essential kegel muscles, There are even phone apps that will show the pressure that the consumer applies to an insert as well as the pressure the kegel exerciser gives in return. The even higher scaled technology uses biofeedback and keeps progress monitored with savvy apps.

Every woman is different. Both physically, emotionally, and mentally, they are unique which means their needs vary, also. The knowledge known in the medical community is that the kegel muscles and pelvic floor must remain robust and well-kept. Age will find us all, but as research finds other reasons for the muscle group’s failure in both young and older females, the earlier someone begins paying as much attention to the essential body parts that go unseen, the less susceptible they are to future incontinence and sexual problems. In both cases, these are issues that directly affect the quality of life for anyone. Childbirth, a career on one’s feet bearing heavy loads, cancer, and menopause should not stop a woman from feeling like a lady. With the help of Kegel exercisers, the prime tightness and security are possible, again

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