Indulge in Some Non-Touristy Things in London

London city is a hotspot tourist destination and is loved by all. All throughout the year you will find travellers flocking around here and there. Some spend their time clicking pictures infront of famous London attractions, while some catch fun in shopping. Visitors come here for all reasons as for spending leisure time with their families or for business reasons too. The city boasts of some well acclaimed accommodations. Out of all accommodation near Hyde Park London Paddington serves the best for all kinds of travellers.

Usually tourists come here to catch fun and for a restful vacation. People coming to the city generally look for well known hotspots including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and plenty of popular museums and art galleries. However, one must do something different than what others usually do while in here.

There are lots of non touristy things and the most preferred of all is a walk around the city. Hiring a taxi to London Eye or Queen’s Palace is the most convenient thing to do, however a walk around this foot friendly city is an ultimate thing to do. London is a foot friendly city and on your way you will catch a glimpse of several hidden gems which are otherwise unexplored by the general public.

Wandering around narrow streets, trying out the local cuisine or shopping in London’s best street markets can be few non touristy things to go for. Though, London boasts of everything luxurious and elite this destination has something in store for all kinds of travellers.

One can try out some of these things which are tourist don’t do normally:

A Dip in Hampstead Heath Ponds

Want to de-stress yourself by a chilling way? What could be the best possible way other than taking a cool dip in one of the Hampstead Heath ponds? A float around these ponds shall be extremely refreshing. You will be surprised to know that there are male, female and mixed ponds too. Nothing will be as good as enjoying a picnic close to any of these ponds.

Walk Around Smithfield Market

As far as business days are concerned this area of Smithfield market will be all surrounded by people. During evenings the place is quite empty and becomes a popular spot for those who are in search of some history. The market looks very beautiful while it is empty and this could be seen early morning when the crowd is limited.5

One can check out the entrance gates and few paintings which are placed well at different blocks of the market. Towards the southeast blocks of the market there is a Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. The eastern side is the Barbican Estate which is a building boasting of high rent apartments. There are lots of other hidden places that would be a non touristy thing to discover.

For those travelling for the first time to London prefer to stay at the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel. It is a much loved hotel accommodation and suits to all kinds of visitors coming in.

A trip to Greenwich

A silent Greenwich tour will be fun and creative too. The best part about this would be to walk through the foot tunnel and explore the Isle of Dogs area. During weekends this route becomes extremely popular among bikers as that is the time when the route feature lowest traffic possible.

Finsbury Park

This is yet another place which not many people visit, thus it could be a non touristy thing to do. While you are here you can catch a glimpse of the American Football Club. Other than this you can savour the best of Turkish foods or can hire a boat to roam around the lake.3

Going to a Music Festival

Are you a music lover? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. The capital city offers endless number of music festivals. Every now and then you may find the city steaming with some high end music festivals. If you want to witness some major ones, then Hyde Park is the place to head towards. Also, Victoria Park boasts of housing excellent LoveBox festival which allures people in love with electronic, hip hop and indie music.

Westbourne in Notting Hill

This is yet another tourist alternative. From the Goldborn Road you get a chance to walk along the Regent’s Canal to the Westbourne Park. Nice sunny Saturdays or Sundays can be spent here within the arms of the lush green surroundings. If you find getting it little busy then you have the choice to some other place nearby.

People coming to London always have similar itineraries of watching the attractions etc. However, it is a place that is flooded with rich culture and history and there are several other things which a tourist can do.


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