How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

If you have been arrested and have to post a bail amount that is unaffordable for you, a bail bond can prove to be an excellent solution. A bail bondsman can pledge on your behalf and you will not have to go to jail until the court date. However, you will have to pay a fraction of the amount to the bondsman and this amount varies from one state to another. One example is Power BailBonds, San Diego Bail Bond Agency that can help you whenever you need a bail bondsman.

Normal Bail Bond Cost

Typically, the general standard amount charged by a bail bondsman is 10% of the bail. This is the normal cost in most states. However, there are some factors that can affect this percentage. If you fulfill certain qualifying factors, as laid down by the Department of Insurance, your bail cost may be reduced by a few points. Some of the most important of these factors include the following:

  • You have a criminal defense lawyer to fight for you.
  • Anyone involved is a veteran or active member of the US Military.
  • Anyone involved is a union member.

Some bail bondsmen provide flexible bail bond payment plans.

Advantages of Bail Bond Premium

Bail bond premium is the percentage of the bail that a bail bondsman charges. The bail amount will be set by the court. Many times people are unable to pay the full bail amount. A bail bond can prove to be a big relief in such a situation. If you can convince the bondsman that you will not skip the court appearances, they can assume the responsibility of the bail for a fractional premium.

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Variations in Bail Premiums

Most of the time the bail premium for the state is set by the Department of Insurance or a statute. Some states can set a maximum limit on how much a surety company can charge for the bail bond. Then there are states where private bail is not allowed. In such case you will have to follow the jail system’s rules for bail.

Read the Fine Print

Before you accept a bail bond, make sure to read and fully comprehend the terms and conditions of the contract. Most often, reduced rates come with certain conditions which may be hidden in the fine print. So make sure to go through the fine print. Some bondsmen may also charge you administrative fees. However, the law doesn’t clearly define how much this fee can be. This amount is usually miniscule and addresses the paperwork and postage expenses. So you should also consider and compare this fee before choosing the right bail bondsman.

Thus, you can expect to spend anything from 10% to 15% of the bail to a bail bondsman, and the amount will vary from one state to another.

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