Hosting a Party Outside Without Uninvited Pests

Pests can ruin an outdoor party in no time, but hosts and hostesses are learning how to beat them to the punch by protecting their guests, their food, and their beverages. If you’re hosting an outdoor event any time of the year, you should learn the best tips available for keeping pests from ruining everything. All it takes is two or three irritating pests to drive your guests crazy, and that’s not what makes for a great party. These tips are going to turn your next outdoor event into the party of the season, and everyone will be talking about your next party.

Keep Bugs Out of Beverages

Whether it’s a child’s party or one for adults only, bugs want a piece of that sweet punch you’re serving. Keep them out of people’s cups by offering them some decorative cupcake liners. Find the cutest, most fun liners imaginable, poke a small hole through the bottom and place them on top of your cups. The hole is for your straw, and the rest is designed to keep flies and other little bugs out. Your guests will love this idea, and it’s decorative enough not to look silly.Image result for Hosting a Party Outside Without Uninvited Pests

Decorate with Bug Repelling Items

A quick internet search will provide you with a long list of vegetation and scents bugs detest. Instead of decorating your tables with your usual roses or other flower-filled vase centerpieces, now is the time to get crafty and decorate with vegetation and flowers that double as insect-repellant. Lemongrass is gorgeous, and it’s something mosquitoes hate. They won’t come near it, because the scent isn’t something they find overly attractive. Talk about double-duty.

Special Event Mosquito Treatment

If you have a big problem with mosquitoes at home or you want to be on top of anything that might happen, it’s time to call pest control to have them come out and spray for unwanted pests prior to your event. You can even ask them to come out and treat your grass for ants and other pests prior to any party you’re hosting. Keeping bugs at bay makes any party hosted outside more enjoyable.

Consider Food Covers

Decorative food tents aren’t always the most aesthetically appealing option for outdoor food, but your guests are going to appreciate covered food bugs can’t get to. They don’t want to share their appetizers with anything with more legs than them, so keeping the food covered is the best way to ensure your guests will want to stick around and eat a little more.

Hosting outdoor events is the best way to have a great time, keep the house clean, and get people involved. Your next party is going to be a smashing success without any uninvited, unwanted pests crashing and ruining everyone’s good time.

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