Deciding on the right choice of shutters for your windows

What to dress one’s windows with is a more difficult decision than it may first appear. After all, there are many types of window dressings, from curtains and roller blinds, to Venetian blinds and shutters. And within those categories there are different types, too. So, once a decision has been made on a certain type of window dressing, there is a need to explore the options a little deeper.

Why choose shutters?


So, what makes shutters the best choice for windows? What advantages do they have over other types of window dressing? Perhaps the foremost reason why shutters have become increasingly popular over the last few years is the fact they complement almost any style of interior decoration, particularly contemporary settings with their minimalist approach and clean lines.

Shutters look elegant from both the outside of a property and the inside, and because they are fitted to a window frame rather than hanging in front of it, they become a complete fixture, which can add value to a property. They are also great at insulation.

Problem windows

Many older homes often contain awkwardly shaped or sized windows, which can make it difficult to find perfect window dressings. Bow or bay windows may mean having to break up dressings, such as blinds into three, which not only spoils the window’s flow but can work out expensive. The same goes for curtains. Large bay or bow windows often mean that four curtains are needed to cover the space rather than the more affordable two.

Shutters solve these problems because they are measured to fit the shape and size of the window perfectly and this makes shutters a far more aesthetically pleasing window dressing than curtains or blinds.

Full height

There is also a great deal of choice when it comes to the type of shutters one can have. There are shutters available to suit practically every budget, from lighter-weight wood types to smooth grained hardwood types. Knowing one’s budget will provide an answer to the initial question of ‘which shutter range?

The next question will be which style to go for. Here, the options are numerous. By far the most common are the full height shutters, which cover the entire length and height of the window. In some cases, such shutters are installed because there is no intention to open them, and because of this, reflect the design and style of the window, matching individual shutter panels to the window panes. In this manner, the maximum amount of light is achieved.

Café style

Then there are café style shutters, which cover only the bottom half of the window, leaving the top half bare. These are often chosen for homes that are overlooked by other properties, or are situated on street level where privacy is key. Café style shutters enable privacy but still let plenty of light into a room. However, because they do only cover half the window, the space can look rather bare, so café style shutters are often teamed with curtains to complete a look.

Tier on tier

Like café style shutters, tier on tier shutters offer privacy but they also offer far more flexibility. These shutters cover the entire window, but the top and bottom can function independently, so one section can be open while the other is closed. So, for example, if privacy is required, but a room needs airing, the bottom half can be left closed, while the top is opened.

Solid panels

Moving on to solid panel shutters, these are shutters that instead of slats have solid panels. These are a particularly traditional style of shutter, commonly found in Victorian casement windows, and need to be opened fully to let in light. They are a good choice for rooms that need to be blacked out, where external noise is a problem, or where a heightened sense of security is desirable.

Color palette

So, aside from the fact that there are shutters to suit every desire, it is also possible to tie in shutters with a room’s color theme. While white shutters are a neutral choice and therefore perfect for any interior design, from traditional room sets to modern, colored shutters can really bring a room’s central theme together. In a retro-themed room, for example, the theme will be enhanced with shutters colored in a pastel shade, while natural wood stains will add warmth and texture.

Shutters are a fashionable choice for window dressings, enhancing the external and internal look of a property and even delivering financial benefits, as they are very good at keeping heat inside the home.

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