Special T-Shirts for Churches

Active churches do more than teaching Sunday School and delivering a Sunday sermon. Many churches host summer retreats and have special camping programs for the youth of the church. This type of active church has a need for special shirts for church events especially for the younger participants who wear T-shirts on a daily basis. […]

The Next James Bond

With the looming prospect of Daniel Craig hanging up his Tom Ford tuxedo the nationwide debate regarding the next James Bond is heating up! Despite Daniel Craig still being the favourite amongst the producers, there has been no confirmation from the actor as to whether he wants to continue as 007. Whilst waiting on tenterhooks […]

Black Shearling Coat – Everything You Need to Know

So, you’ve spend some time going through every shop for women’s shearlin coats and you’ve finally found the black model that you have been looking for. However, you’ve overheard that shearling coats are usually faked and sold for the same amount of money. The last thing you’d want is to spend a small fortune just to […]

Look More Fashionable with Chic Cropped Jackets

Crop tops and jackets have been all the rage and more for quite some time. They are certainly not for the faint of heart, thus are dedicated to trendy fashionistas, who add an element of oomph to their outfits and personalities using such jackets. Unlike easy to style traditional jackets and coats, not everyone can […]

7 Ways To Make Jeans Work In A Formal Setting

When you’ve been invited to a formal dinner party or if you’re just going to work on a regular Monday morning, chances are that you don’t want to dress up too formally or make the effort to plan out an entire outfit. You’d rather wear your favourite jeans, a comfortable top and work. What if […]

Eye-catchy Latest Dresses and tops of all kinds

Wardrobes of women are a blend of timeless to trendy and they have a strange attraction which very few men have been able to understand! A woman’s wardrobe is filled with jeans for girls, tops as well as fashion dresses and diverse kinds of accessories. The wardrobe must haves for girls can range from smart […]


If your wardrobe is filled to to the brim with so many clothes that you feel sorry for it about thinking probably its not able to breathe, THANK GOD, its not a living thing, otherwise, you would have been punished for putting so much stress on it. Just kidding! But the dilemma of still not […]