Learn About Some of the Best Beaches You Must Not Miss In Costa Rica  

If you are fond of beaches and looking out for the best holiday spot, then Costa Rica would be the best option. You will get spectacular beach spots at amazingly low price. All these beaches are so clean, pure and filled with beautiful panoramic scenes. Untouched by rain forests and numerous exotic animals would make everyone fall in love with this mesmerizing place. There are several beaches in Costa Rica, let us know about them in detail.

Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is one of the best beach vacations to reach from the capital. It offers best in class horseshoe beaches in between jungles which are filled with monkey and sloth. This place is surrounded by huge ocean witnessing year-round warm waters. Reaching this place gives you a heavenly feel.

You would be surprised to see a mesmerizing mix of surfers, hippies, scuba divers, and nature lovers. If you are planning to stay at this beautiful place then, you will get alluring accommodation options that intend to offer you both luxury and budget.

Playa Uvita

This is another great beach vacations in Costa Rica that are located on the Pacific coast towards the Panamanian border. This is a marvelous beach which is infinitely huge. The shape of the beach resembles like that of a tale of a whale. The interesting part of this beach is that you would not find any local people or visitors here.

This looks like a no man’s land. The shining silvery sand, snorkeling, dolphins paying offshore is some of the attractions of this beautiful, calm and serene beach. Full of tranquil beauty and sparkling water makes it a perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation.


If you have been in Costa Rica, then this is one of the beaches you should never miss. This beach has an Afro-Caribbean influence which can easily be observed in its cuisines and the atmosphere. As there is a national park close to this beach, it has abundant spectacular wildlife, lush rain forests, crocodile filled canals, and different types of species. Due to the absence of roads to lead you to Tortuguero, you need to take a flight from the nearby station San Jose.

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From discovering the amazing surfing experience in Costa Rica, or riding a bicycle across the famous Loire Valley, or climbing Machu Picchu mountain in Peru, you are assured to feel the best moments of your life.

It is the wish of every person to visit a place that is full of natural beauty, thrilling sights and good food. Costa Rica provides the best holiday package to every visitor. That is the reason people from all corners of the world visit this place every year. Every single moment spent here is sure to become beautiful remembrance for the future.

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