Beautiful Journey towards the heart of SARDIGNIA

Sardinia is really a fascinating not just beautiful beaches and ocean paradise but a lot culture and traditions to uncover. A tropical nearly a continent someone stated.

If you are planning to uncover the actual Sardinia, that outdoors the tourist trail, It is best to abandon the standard goals and attempted to explore the middle of the area.

Before departing on which hotels available within the entire route by going to picking a a tourist hotel Sardinia island. Book your cheap flight towards the island of Sardinia, you found accommodations vehicle and start your adventure finally.

beautyfull journey

Orani and Nuoro

Orani first stage, the suburbs a couple of kilometers from Nuoro, a vital step from the journey. Here indeed she was created in Orani Costantino Nivola along with a small museum shows a few of the works from the Sardinian noted for his sculptures. Following a stay in Nuoro Orani. Nuoro town of culture and traditions, in August hosts the Festival from the Redeemer, all civil and spiritual event to look at if you wish to be aware of customs and traditions from the island, but many see parading men and women in traditional clothes, 100s of colours as well as fine embroidery shall take advantage of you certainly.


He cannot miss then Orgosolo. Maybe you have read his murals? There you have it. Orgosolo using its traditional murals it’s a small open-air museum, excellent tourism and trips with local guide.

Go to the Supramonte Mountain behind Orgosolo is unquestionably fascinating, a lot of would be the tales and tales and it is especially lovely nature.

beautyfull journeys

Oliena – Your way then is constantly on the Oliena.

Another town within the province of Nuoro, excellent bread and inevitable Cannonau, fine pastries not to mention you can’t miss the visit to Tiscali. I am speaking concerning the nuragic village, built entirely across the walls of the sinkhole for a long time continued to be unknown because hidden in the rocky hollow. How from the world, the times pass and also the need to uncover new corners of Sardinia isn’t subsiding! You could book like a new hotel along with a bed and breakfast and mind in another territory.


Begin to see the sunrise and also the sunset in the Gennargentu is really a unique emotion, only a couple of kilometers from Fonni, town within the province of Nuoro, would be the only Sardinian mountain with peak around 1000 meters, another corner of nature to become discovered. A Fonni summer time nights there’s also lots of entertainment and thus much tourism.


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