The Basic Things to Know About Pearl Jewellery

There are many precious stones used for jewellery making and one of which is pearl. Pearls are great treasures. They come in different shapes and colors. With so many varieties of pearls, a lot of people get confused as to what characteristics to look for in a pearl. It takes an expert eye to find out which one is of high quality and which is inferior. It will help a lot if you are going to know first the basic.


The creation of pearl

Probably one of your questions in mind is “how pearl is formed?” To form a pearl, you will need an irritant and it should be lodged in the shell of the oyster. A piece of sand is just one of the irritants you can use. Once the oyster senses the presence of irritant, it will create a nacre, which is a semi translucent substance. Over time, the nacre builds up and will then form a pearl. Naturally formed pearls take several years to form. It is the reason why natural pearls are very expensive.


Choosing between natural and cultured pearls

Naturally grown pearls are hard to find. If ever you find one, it will surely be expensive. Most of the pearls used for jewellery making are cultured or farm grown. The process of growing a pearl farm started on the 20th century. It is a breakthrough in the jewellery making industry. A lot of people love pearls but it takes years to naturally grow them. Because of cultured pearls, it is now accessible for everyone to own pearl jewellery. You don’t have to worry though as cultured pearls are still genuine pearls. It is not inferior in quality. The only factors that differentiate a particular pearl from the rest are the shapes, colors, and nacre.

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