Alluring destinations near Shirdi

Located at 238 kms from Mumbai, Shirdi is the home of spiritual Saint Sai Baba. It is one of the most important and visited pilgrim sites in India. It houses the famous Sai Baba Temple along with many other religious and historical sites. Sai Baba lived most of his life in Shirdi and preached people to show dedication towards God and love and empathy for the downtrodden.

Other spiritual attractions in Shirdi apart from Sai Baba Temple are Gurushthan, Chavadi, Dwarkamai masjid, Abdul Baba Cottage to name a few. If you are traveling from Mumbai to Shirdi and have 3-4 days in hand, it is better to visit the places near to Shirdi to have a more wholesome and enjoyable trip. Hire Mumbai to Shirdi taxifor a comfortable trip. There are many interesting places of historical, cultural and spiritual importance that can be explored, we have listed down some of the best


Trimbakeshwar: It is a sacred town located near Nasik on the banks of the River Godavari. It is known for the Lord Shiva temple of Trimbakeshwar which has 12 Jyotirlingas. The temple premises house a pious pond called Kusavarta which is believed to be the source of River Godavari. The temple is an architectural marvel and portrays a mystical dark shade because it is built with the black stand stone. You can get genuine Rudraksha here as there are many trees in this vicinity. It is at 116 kms from Shirdi and can be reached within 2.5 hours via road.

Ajanta Caves: These caves are located near Aurangabad and declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. These marvellous caves attract tourists and history buffs from all parts of the world. The brilliant paintings in Ajanta Caves display the events in the life of Buddha. The amazing aspect of these paintings is that even after thousands of years, the paintings look fresh and glowing.

Ellora Caves: These caves are further at distance of 30 kms from Ajanta caves. It has caves dedicated to Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism and are a great example of unity of the people of ancient India who were accommodative of other beliefs and faiths. The architectural brilliance of the carvings portrays the advanced skills of the artisans of the ancient era.

Devgiri Fort: It situated in the village of Daulatabad at about 100 kms from Shirdi. The massive fort was constructed in 1187 by Billamraja, the past ruler of Daulatabad. The astonishing fact about the fort is that no enemy could conquer it throughout. The fort is not only grand in size; it also displays wonderful architecture.

Pandavleni caves: These are a group of 24 Buddhist caves that were built between 3rd century to 2nd century BC. Located near Nashik at 92 kms from Shirdi, Pandavleni caves are a must visit for people who love ancient art. The inscriptions on the walls of caves communicate the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Grishneshwar: It is an ancient and important Hindu pilgrim destination; it houses one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the sacred GrishneshwarJyotirlinga temple.

Apart from the pilgrims, other tourists visit this place to appreciate the ancient architecture and learn about the temple customs and routines. MahaShivaratri is celebrated with great fervour in Grishneshwar and during that time thousands of devotees congregate to this temple town.

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