A Few Smart Tips For Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Direct mail can be a very effective way to market your business, but with many other companies using this method it can be difficult to stand out from the rest. Sending out the right message is very important and it must also get to your targeted prospect in the right way. You must capture the attention of your reader and motivate them to take the next step – whatever that may be.

So, how can you improve the success of your direct mail marketing campaign? Here are some tips that you can keep in mind.

  • Consider giving away a free gift in order to increase your response. Make sure that this free gift offer is highlighted prominently on all mailings. It should be enticing enough to give your customers a reason to purchase now.
  • When you are writing the copy for the direct mail campaign, make sure that it is short, snappy and engaging in order to capture the reader’s attention. Give the most important information right away so everyone knows what you are selling.
  • Make sure that your offer is easy to respond to. It shouldn’t take the recipient more than a couple of minutes to fill out the mailer and respond, otherwise they will postpone and not do it.3
  • Offering a risk free trial is also a great way to get people interested in your product or service.
  • Make sure that you have a good list of addresses to mail to. Collecting those addresses can be time consuming, so to save time you can purchase a targeted business or consumer mailing list online.
  • Use a postcode finder to look up the correct postcodes of addresses in your area, ensuring that you are sending out mail to a database of quality addresses. There are many easy to use postcode lookup services online.
  • Have your direct mailer designed by a professional graphic design company so that it appeals to the eye. First impressions are everything and the design will determine whether your customer examines the mailer further or just throws it in the recycle.
  • Think about the best possible medium that your audience will respond to. Will they be more likely to respond to a brochure, a greeting card or a sales letter?
  • Take a step back and look at your direct mail marketing campaign as if you were the customer. How would you react to the materials if you were seeing them for the first time?
  • Ask your friends and family to give you honest feedback on your campaign so that you can see how you can improve. Sometimes when you have been looking at something too long then it is hard to see the flaws with it.
  • Before you launch a really big direct marketing campaign you should test against a smaller market in order to determine your rate of return. If the campaign doesn’t work with the smaller audience, it will not bring you a lot of success with the larger group.3
  • Focus your sales copy not on the item you are selling, but on the problem that your item will solve or the benefits it will offer. Your audience wants to know what is in it for them.
  • Tell the truth and don’t make over the top marketing claims. People can tell the difference and they won’t take what you are saying seriously.
  • Make sure that there is a very clear call to action that will encourage people to respond to your direct mail campaign.
  • Always ensure that the URLs of your website, social media pages and other important links are listed on the direct mailing flyer, so that your customers can follow you online.
  • Include a P.S. at the end of the direct mailing flyer. It is one of the most commonly read parts of the copy because the reader’s eyes are naturally drawn to it at the bottom of the page. If it is enticing enough it might convince them to go back up and read the rest of the copy more carefully.

Keep these tips in mind so that you can have a much more effective direct marketing campaign and spread the word about your company to interested customers.

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