7 Ways To Make Jeans Work In A Formal Setting

When you’ve been invited to a formal dinner party or if you’re just going to work on a regular Monday morning, chances are that you don’t want to dress up too formally or make the effort to plan out an entire outfit. You’d rather wear your favourite jeans, a comfortable top and work. What if there was a way for you to do just that? Here are some tips on how to make jeans work in a formal setting:

  • Add a blazer to your outfit

The easiest way to dress up your jeans is by adding a blazer to your outfit. While this doesn’t have to be a formal dinner jacket or even a suit jacket, something like a grey Nehru jacket from abof could work wonders in changing up your look. If you’re wondering what to pair with your blazer, it’s best to stick to your comfort zone and not sashay into very adventurous clothing – just a simple t-shirt or shirt with your jeans will do.Image result for 7 Ways To Make Jeans Work In A Formal Setting

  • Use accessories to your advantage

Accessories give you the opportunity to use your jeans as a blank canvas and play around with your ensemble. For women, a large necklace, a belt and some matching shoes instantly up the formal tone of your outfit, and for men, a sharp belt and shoes work just as well.

  • Wear jeans that fit you right

While baggy jeans may be the more comfortable option, jeans that fit you just right make your dressing look sharper. Work jeans should fit as well as the trousers you’d wear to work if you didn’t have the choice, and should look professional and elegant.

  • Try out linens and cotton

When you’re just wearing your jeans and a shirt or top to work, your best bet to make your outfit work in a formal setting is to pair it with linen or cotton that will look classy even if you take off your jacket. Make sure to stick with neutral colours and patterns are a definite no! An alternative here is to also pair your jeans with a well-fitting t-shirt and cardigan.

  • Go monochromatic

When picking out the entire outfit is too much of a bother, monochromatic outfits have got your back. Menswear and womenswear both come with adequate options so you never have to foray out of a single colour palette while choosing your outfit. All-black is the simplest to do, while navy blues and even whites work well too.

  • Pay attention to your shoes

Popular belief is that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Make sure your shoes match your outfit, because you can even wear formal shoes with your jeans.  Ensure that your jeans stop right above where your shoes begin for the most well-defined look.

  • Avoid flashy jeans

This should go without saying, but avoid jeans with rips, shreds, sequins, logos or prints and stick to a pair that isn’t too eye-catching. The key is to make your jeans look as close to the trousers you’d normally wear, as possible.

Post Author: Daryl Dahl